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" Artificial Intelligence is a hot trend now, but it has not been properly invested."
Lê Hải NamCEO

Graduated from HUST, with a diverse background in the IT industry, the founders of AISolutions (AIS) shares the same ambition: to utilize AI in scientific mathematics and serve the material needs of enterprises and society.

Established in early-2021, AIS aspire to become one of the leading IT companies. We aim to be an ideal playground for technology enthusiasts. Here in AIS, young Vietnamese talents can overcome their limits and prove themselves by bringing the best values to society. AIS is a democratic, equal, well-developed environment that supports young people to flourish.

Product Ideation
Our staff is included of well-experienced, trained and IT industry-certified experts.
Technology Services
Our Award winning Technology Services can fit and scale with any size of your business.
System Design
Our technical leads work directly with customers in this large and first phase.
Network Infrastructure
AISolutions offers broad categories of services in its best Network.

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We explore the latest trends, strategies, and further.

Graduated as a talented engineer in Mathematics and Computer Science from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, he has a journey full of passion & dedication over 17 years in the IT industry
as below:
– 2004-2018: Programmer & technical lead at FPT Software company.
– 2018-2019: Technical lead, project manager at Nashtech company
– 2019-2021: CTO at ezCloud company
– 2021-present: assume the role of Co-founder & CEO of AISOLUTIONS.

Graduated with an IT major from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, he has over 17 years of experience in the IT domain, particularly in business analysis, system design, programmer, tester, and quality management. He has participated in building various IT solutions. His aspiration is to continue building professional systems to serve complex problems.
He has committed with enthusiasm to accompanying, leading & training young people who are on the way to conquering their dreams.
Brief description of his career as below:

– 2004-2015: Programmer, tech lead & project manager at ELCOM
– 2016-2021: Engineer, tech lead & project manager at TCBS
– 2021-present: CTO at AISOLUTIONS.

Graduated with a Mathematics and Informatics major from Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Brief description of her career experience:
– 2003-2013: Engineer at FPT Software.
– 2013-2021: COO at FTICO, Rikkeisoft, ezCloud, Amela.
– 2009-now: Lecturer at FPT University.
– 2021-now: COO & Co-founder of AISOLUTIONS.


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